How do I move on?

The answer is, you don’t. I honestly hate to be the one to tell you this, but you never do. Once you accept that then you will start to understand that acceptance is a key tenet in this community. If you don’t like that it is a key tenet of our community, you are in good company because I don’t like it either. I am pretty sure that none of us like anything about this.

How do I forgive myself?

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I am probably the least qualified member or our community to speak about forgiveness, especially when it comes to forgiving myself. When people on my timeline read this, they will know and remember what a thug I was even as a young boy. In my journey through grief in the last four years, I came to find a focal point where everything in my life went sideways.

How Do I Deal With Social Media?

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The first thing I usually say when I hear someone ask this question is “I am so proud of you for seeing beyond yourself”. When I first came to this group I could not even think straight and I actually did not find this group until I was two years into the process. Looking back to those first few days, weeks and months; I noticed that new questions started popping into my head.

Anthony James Cristello


Anthony James Cristello, 35, of Naples, Florida and Massachusetts, passed away unexpectedly on August 16, 2017. Anthony was born on December 21, 1981, in Bad Kreuznach, Germany and raised and educated in Massachusetts. From an early age, Anthony could accomplish and excel at anything he set his mind to do. He was an amazing, loving and devoted Father who adored his daughter Aria with all of his heart.