About Bob Cristello

Robert Anthony Cristello is a software engineer and digital advertising specialist living in Vermont. He is a recognized Social Media Influencer with over 42,000 people in his daily Twitter audience.

His articles on technology have appeared in Visual Basic Programmers Journal, Byte, InfoWorld and Computer Telephony magazines. Bob is also a former Microsoft Developer Days Keynote speaker.

Bob is currently a WordPress Architect with a Global Data Protection Solution software provider.

Bob is a United States Army Veteran who returned from the military and joined the faculty at the Hyde School in Bath, ME. He was the Performing Arts Director, Head of Computer Sciences, and Coached Wrestling and Football.

Bob first performed Off-Broadway by the time he was 17 and followed a lifelong dream to touch people with art and music. His greatest love is his family. Bob has appeared on Charlie Rose, 60 Minutes, and in front of other National, Television audiences to share his personal story.

In the early morning hours of August 16, 2017, Bob’s son Anthony took his own life at the age of 35. The next four years culminated in bringing Bob to the brink of insanity and hopelessness. In an attempt to heal from his son’s traumatic and tragic death, Bob engaged in an internal quest for truth. After an accounting of a life filled with great heights and terrible depths, Bob shared his shame, regret, and failings with the world. The intent was to help one other person find hope while experiencing the hopelessness and powerlessness of the suicide of a loved one.

Bob’s journey brought him face to face with the shame of his past and his lifelong quest to determine the existence of God. Bob now states:

"If the spirit and life of my son taught me anything, it is simply this: If life is worth living, it is certainly worth attempting"

In November of 2021, Bob founded Coping With Suicide, LLC. His intent was to bring attention to the fact that every 40 seconds, according to the World Health Organization, another person will die from suicide. In the United States, 22 United States Military Veterans take their lives each day.