Just For Today

Just for Today, I will embrace my journey through grief as a natural part of life. I acknowledge my feelings as valid and important, and I give myself permission to experience them fully, knowing that they are a part of my unique human experience.

JUST FOR TODAY, I will celebrate my own worth, understanding that I am enough just as I am. I will look at myself with kindness and compassion, recognizing my strengths and accepting my vulnerabilities as part of my beautiful individuality.

JUST FOR TODAY, I will seek growth in my spirit. I will find moments of stillness to connect with the world around me, drawing strength from the knowledge that I am a part of something greater. I will be open to the lessons life offers, using them to grow in wisdom and understanding.

JUST FOR TODAY, I will practice acceptance of others. I will appreciate the diversity of experiences and perspectives that enrich our lives. I will listen with an open heart, learning from others and valuing their unique paths, just as I value my own.

JUST FOR TODAY, I will trust in the belief others have in me. I will allow their faith to bolster my own, creating a circle of support and encouragement. I will also extend my belief in others, understanding that we all thrive when we feel seen and believed in.

In doing these things today, I step forward with courage and hope. I acknowledge that every day is a new opportunity for growth, understanding, and connection. In this way, I honor both my journey and the journeys of those around me, creating a world of mutual respect, empathy, and love.